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AITHRX // simplifying subprime.

AITHRx integrates your inventory, Carfax, and Canadian Black Book with lenders’ approvals. In just seconds, it efficiently builds transactions based on lenders’ rate sheets and sorts them from highest to lowest gross profit.

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Trader is hijacking your time.
Time Kills Deals.

Approval with client
Check inventory for a pairing… no luck
Check trader.ca and find a unit
Check Carfax (costs you $)
Submit vehicle on Dealertrack
Wait for bank… could be hours
Call dealership to see if trader vehicle is available

Meet your new best friend.

You are just FOUR EASY STEPS away from you building your first deal.

Build deals in less time than it takes to order lunch from your favorite food delivery app.

We aren’t joking.
Try a race with one of our product experts today!

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// Automated Inventory Pairing // A WEALTH OF OF INSPECTED VEHICLES

Inventory Constraints?
We Have the Solution.

Even if your dealership is well-stocked with 100 vehicles or more, it’s impossible to ensure that every option will fit every customer’s unique requirements.

This is where AITHRhub comes in.

Our platform gives you access to an impressive, ever-expanding collection of 13,000+ fully inspected vehicles that stretch from The Atlantic provinces all the way to BC. Every car in our database has met stringent inspection criteria and is ready to fulfill conditional approvals, ensuring that your clients will never be without choices.

And the best part? With AITHRhub, you don’t pay a single cent until your deal is fully funded and finalized. It’s a completely risk-free way to expand your inventory reach, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your sales opportunities.

Don’t let limitations hold you back. Embrace the future of automotive inventory pairing with AITHRhub

All new AITHR 2.0 Features are here to save the day.

Our industry leading technology now includes:

    • Access to over 11,000 Front-line Ready Vehicles in our AITHR HUB
    • Carfax integration is now built right into our software
    • CBB values that are always accurate and up to date
    • Customizable lender sheets
    • And so much more

It's Primetime for Subprime

Subprime creates lifetime customers
and stabilizes inventory.

Your subprime consumers will result in an average of four vehicle purchases within the first four years of your business relationship with them. They trade in their vehicle every nine to twelve months, and if you have a good relationship with the dealership, you will acquire a customer for life. Franchise dealerships also have excellent potential to capitalize on RDOs and CPOs, in addition to the used car sales they conduct on a regular basis.


Did you know?

The average subprime customer
does 4 trades in 4 years

Transforming Financing and Profitability

Streamlined Process

AITHRx integrates your inventory with key tools like Carfax and Canadian Black Book. By efficiently building transactions based on lender’s rate sheets, you can sort deals from highest to lowest gross profit in seconds, not hours.

Increased Profit Opportunities

With AITHRx, you’ll have quick access to the most profitable vehicle that fits an approval, changing the subprime financing game. It helps you turn weeks-long processes into a finalized deal within minutes, saving precious time.

Access to Vast Network

Being part of the AITHRx ecosystem gives you access to a shared inventory pool of 13,000 vehicles across Canada, ensuring you never miss an opportunity even if a specific approval doesn’t fit your immediate inventory.

Flexible Subscription Model

At a low monthly subscription fee, you gain access to this broad network, allowing you to match your approvals to vehicles effortlessly.

Alignment with Market Trends

With the market turning more subprime, AITHRx helps you navigate tighter lender restrictions, ensuring your 10 dealerships stay ahead of the curve.