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Key Benefits of the AITHRX Software

Our software scans your inventory, your dealership group’s inventory, AND our exclusive AITHR HUB inventory pool containing well over 10,000 vehicles. No more wasting time TRYING to find a vehicle that fits.

Once you select your vehicle, AITHRX intuitively uses the Loan-to-Value and maximizes the front and back-end to the payment. No money is left on the table.

AITHRX intuitively prices and programs warranty, gap, job loss, and other intangible products to fill your BLTV and paycall. This enables you to now to be able to focus on your client.

Customer service begins with choice. AITHRX hides your gross profit and lets you share the top options with your client to create a smoother sale.

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Key Benefits of the AITHR HUB

The AITHR HUB is Canada’s largest and fastest growing inventory pool. Take advantage of all of the benefits of inventory without overhead.

Does your store buy 200+ new vehicles every day? Our HUB does. We’re constantly onboarding new partners and new inventory!

We take care of all the legwork from getting your AITHR HUB unit purchased and delivered to your store. You’ll no longer have to spend hours scrolling Trader and calling other dealers, only to get turned down over and over. Just click a couple of buttons, and let us do the rest.

Add your inventory to the AITHR Hub pool and sell units for full asking price on autopilot.

We’re like your #1 sales rep, with zero commission and working 24/7!

Making Warranty Easier with Global Warranty Integration!

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